What topic should I cover in the test? I will not cover the Zimmerman stuff.


My topic is a blast from the past. I’ll show you what happened 8 years ago to get me started investigating what was happening in my front yard. I’ll be doing several blasts from my blog past I think to catch everyone up to speed.


Update: sorry I haven’t been on much.

Sorry if I’ve not been on much things are just life and sometimes you have to deal with it. I’m working on some things that hopefully will be up and running and make my blog more active. Stay tuned.

I also have a story of what the city has been doing to it’s own employee and don’t know if I should air it or not because it involves me as well. So I’M DEALING WITH A FEW ISSUES AT THE MOMENT. PLUS THE HEAT. yeah.. sorry just needed to vent. But as said that’s life..