Press TV Investigative Journalist Beaten, Threatened and Kidnapped Under NDAA

Thanks to PatriotNews for carrying the articles and being there in this corner fighting for the rights we are quickly losing. I will continue to post and keep you all updated.. There are so many people I need to thank. And to them I am truly indebted. They have shown me that there is still hope alive among the hopeless.. And have given me a meaning and purpose to carry out.

Patriot News


Journalist Kidnapped, Beaten by Cops for Filming a Crime
Sheriff Candidate and Journalist Chris Dorsey Kidnapped, Beaten, Threatened by Cops

Convicted Ex-Gov. McDonnell Attacks Press TV Reporter on Video After He Asks Him About Mossad’s 9/11 and U.S.S. Liberty Attacks on U.S.A.

Senator Jim DeMint Freaks Out When Press TV Reporter Brings Up AIPAC Corruption
Chris Dorsey exposes Senator Jim DeMint’s Treason

Obama’s Richmond Goons Kidnap, Rape Press TV Journalist, Use ELF to Cause Fellow Journalist Massive Seizures and Headaches in Soft Kill Attempts

Press TV Reporter Proves Government Crimes in Court of Record
Man proves felonies carried out against him by the Richmond government.

Press TV Reporter Chris Dorsey Exposes NDAA Kidnappings

NDAA Kidnapping in Action by DHS and Richmond City Police Part 1
Patriot News called Richmond City Police Dept. and asked (VERY politely) on info on how Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications reporter Glen M…

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