Update: Adam Kokesh. Infodump links to the story

This is an infodump of all the links I have been gathering on the Adam Kokesh story. All links gathered from the internet.

Yesterday was a big day for Adam!

Released his speech from his last tour: https://d.tube/#!/v/adamkokesh/r8mom3ac

Announced his 2020 Presidential bid officially: https://steemit.com/freedom/@adamkokesh/r8mom3ac

Was pulled over twice and arrested: https://d.tube/#!/v/adamkokesh/ky43ffvy

And was sent this special message from Rick and Morty: https://d.tube/#!/v/adamkokesh/4bh751sp



























Adam Kokesh for President

Adam Kokesh announced his bid for president today for the 2020 selection. Then not 40 minutes later he is arrested.





I’ll fill in more details as I get them.


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Truth behind the HVC: Hidden Valley condos

RIP Elvis Shawn Crouch

if anyone can help sure the family would be more than grateful. My friend who passed away, RIP Elvis Shawn Crouch.



Elvis was a loving father, and a good guy. I was honored to be his friend. We had a lot of wild times together down at the river and several other adventures.. He was a character, he will be missed. Don’t really know what to say as I just found out not to long before writing this. I’m searching for words that aren’t there. I’m sorry for his families loss.

Any help you can give I’m sure the family would be more than thankful.

RIP Elvis Shawn Crouch, you will be missed brother.

You can help #spreadlove


Help support the #spreadlove movement. House SUTPHIN Productions fully does. Go find out how you can help #spreadlove

Check out them out at:

Fedbook link




You may ask what is spreadlove about:

Spreadlove is an up and coming worldwide movement against earthly and spiritual holocaust. Spreadlove is the missing link and you are a piece of the chain.

It’s about people helping others, a community, an idea. I’ve seen a lot of good from them and am happy to call them friends, and will help however I can.

Spreadlove is the idea that together we can change the world. Ive asked so many questions in my lifetime, one of the most important is this; “why do we have so many problems- with no solutions?” Im starting to realize that the only way to even begin fixing things, is to stop believing that things can’t change. You ever feel like you were made to save the world? -your not alone. So welcome to the one place where negativity doesn’t really exist cause we know we can fix this, and now we are dedicated to the cause of doing just that. This is an underground movement YEARS in the making. This is not only a registered LLC but we are also a grassroots movement. This is about remembering who we are and connecting not only through these wires but on the streets. Join the movement. Be apart of the cure not the disease♥

Looking forward to all the good things coming in 2018… Stay Tuned.

Check out our friends @ OFF the HOOK TV



All clips are used by permission from the creator and my fedbook friend Leatherface “Telly Blackwood” Their youtube channel can be found here.



Enjoy Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris with action sounds replaced with Michael Jackson sounds.
Video Credit: Telly Blackwood
Off The Hook Television


Afroman Mortal Kombat When Afroman and FATALITY meet!
Video Credit: Off The Hook
Editor: Leatherface


Classic Arcade Game FROGGER meets ANTIFA

2018 outlook


I have been looking at things from the wrong perspective for a bit. Focusing all my attention on what was going wrong dwelling on that, Instead of looking at what was going right. So I’m going to change my focus and put my attention on the right things and trying to get them going instead of fixing the messed up things. If that makes any sense.

There’s always time while your alive to be great, just be yourself that’s more important mate. People tell me I’m not successful but I keep doing what I do. Fuck what they think, what do you think? They tell me since I’m not making any money, that what I am doing is worthless. I should stop doing this and get a real job. This is my real job, waking up those who I can.


People take the free in freelance way to serious. One reason I never get paid for what I do.

I make no money doing this. Spend way too much to do what little bit I do. Take a boatload of shit for it, and everyone trying to stop me from doing it. Working on a 64 gig jump drive for a hard drive and parts that barely work, and I’m a big threat to what is going on. I say I am very successful at what I am doing. And since it costs very little to do what I am doing, I will continue to do it for as long as I can.

I have had a successful series of mistakes here lately that has lead to me getting things working but not the way they should. But I can do some things that I am focusing on in the new year. I will do a video cast up soon to go with this to test some things for the new year. This year 2018, I am pushing me, tired of pushing people to only have them use and discard me. If I can push them why can’t I push myself.

I predicted at the beginning of last year that I would be changing a lot of stuff. I have, this year I will continue to build in the direction we are going. I am continuing to do more videos and such, while still trying to do my blog. This past year has been the second highest read year since 2012. I can’t complain about all the support and people who tune in to see what is going on. I will continue to do what I can.

To date I have close to 570 posts in this blog, been read over 5000 times this year in over 122 counties and growing; Glen M, in 2017 you made 332 new friends!
And I thank the new friends as well as the old ones stay tuned we’re still here
not bad for doing this on virtually crap. Imagine how much bigger I can get with working equipment.  But I’m proving a point you can do this on almost nothing and get shit done. To give you an example I’m basically running a 286 computer with a 64-gig jump drive for holding the operating system, and I’m doing more then most that have working equipment. And I’m told to do more, OK I am.

Stay Tuned 2018 is going to be a blast.




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